UpTree provides custom fit recyclable sunshades, which can be fit in car windows from inside in 2 secs without needing clips, magnets, adhesives or suction cups. Covers car windows completely and provides protection from harmful UV Rays, Insects, Heat, Dust and Glare. Meanwhile, allowing pleasant ventilation – if the windows are kept open. It also enhances the look of your car.

UpTree takes your health seriously and specially tested and used the finest quality of material to assure maximum protection – which no one else offers. Finest polyester (made of heat, fade, uv and stretch resistant material) along with special light weight metal frame and double stitching around the borders to make sure Maximum Protection is provided. All production is done with automated machines and sizes are captured through laser guns for 100% accuracy. 

provides protection from UV rays, which can cause sun burns and serious skin damage to sensitive skins.  UpTree shades can be used while driving, as our custom design sits fine within the frame and allows you to drive Green!  

  • Use it, when needed.
  • Doesn’t matter if windows are closed or open, it works either way.
  • Protection from harmful Ultra violet rays from sun
  • Reduces Temperature and Glare
  • Extensive Privacy
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Children Friendly
  • Its Green (recyclable) and Washable
  • Clear View from inside – not impairing any visibility
  • Yes, these are washable
  • Value for Money!