Frequently Asked Questions

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What car makes and model do we cover?

We cover all makes and models of the car. Contact us, if you cannot find your car model.

Does the sun shade stay in place with windows open?

Yes, sunshade stays firm in the windows frame without the need of any hooks, adhesives, magnets, nails, etc. Although, we don’t recommend using the shades at high speed with front windows open.

Can the sun shades protect from dust and insects?

Yes, the fine mesh provides protection from dust particles, insects, stones, etc.

Can you see through the windows with sun shades on?

Yes, the fine quality of mesh doesn’t obstruct the view, instead provides low glare uv protected view.

How hard is installation and removing of the window?

Simply 2 sec installation and removing. Can be later stored in the provided bad. We make sure you enjoy all weathers.

Does it interfere with window operation?

No! You can operate your windows and doors as normal.

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