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JEEP makes you feel like you’re elevated from others around and that’s a good thing as this is their signature look. Even though having an outrageous ground clearance doesn’t exempt JEEP drivers from the sunrays.

Whether it may be your grand Cherokee or Wrangler you’ll at some point is off-roading. Yes, that is extremely exciting but what good would that experience be with harsh sun rays just thrashing up your skin. Solution? Simple, try the uptree sunshades For Cars. One of the finest and premium sunshades out there in the market.

Why go for uptree Side Window sunshades For car? Well, the biggest reason being is that they use premium quality polyester with the finest double stitching around the borders. Other than that these car sunshades are custom designed for every specific car easily installable on side windows and can be taken off in ease even when driving.

These sunshades for JEEP are manufactured with recycled material making uptree a strong go green actor. Moreover, you can use these sunshades with windows rolled down as well, they work easily either way. Plus they are valued for money coming and these are currently under for sale with a price tag of $69.99. Go get your Wrangler cover and start your off-roading free of sunrays.