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Mazda is paving ways in the SUV crossover vehicle area in this day and age. Their CX3 and CX5 are just packed with features. So when you’re traveling in your Mazda you don’t want to compromise on style and overall comfortability of the ride so here comes the play of car side window shades.

Buying a rather expensive you mustn’t go cheap on the sunshades, so Uptree is manufacturing one of the best sunshades for cars. How? Well, first and foremost they use premium quality polyester combined with a double stitching pattern across the borders to ensure enhanced durability. Moreover, these sunshades For Mazda are made of recycled material, which shows that Uptree is under the compliance of the “Go Green Campaign”.

Furthermore, these sunshades protect the driver from getting sunburn and prevent the UV rays from penetrating the car window. Also if you’re somehow carpooling with kids in the back of your SUV fear not these sunshades are stretch resistant so they are basically children friendly. They are lightweight as well and gives added style to your vehicle. Not to mention that they don’t impair the driver’s vision while driving. So what are you waiting for get your pair of sunshades at a discount of 30%!