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Volkswagen cars are nominated as one of the world’s safest cars to drive. The reason being, they have integrated numerous amount of safety features in the car giving the driver an optimal driving experience. But having sunshades in your Volkswagen will make it even safer and smoother to drive by.

Why? Due to the fact that side window Sunshades when applied in the car will block ultraviolet rays from the sun as much as possible. But non can do a great job other than up tree car sunshades. Having lane assist or radar system in your car is great and all but these car sunshades will make it even better for the driver. These sunshades provide extensive privacy for the passengers.

More importantly they are children-friendly as they are made from special lightweight metal frame with stretch-resistant material so even if pulled or tampered with they won’t deform and will stay intact in their original shape.

Moreover, some of you might wonder that these sunshades might impair a driver’s vision but theses car sunshades for Volkswagen have a refined custom made fabric stitch to give a clear visibility to the driver while driving, lane changing or when parking.